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Lets talk about extensions! So many women sit in my chair and show me pinterest inspired looks. Honestly, they all pretty much have extra hair or extra extensions for color dimension or just to add the fullness. If your looking for that color melt , ombre style , adding extensions to that exact color can help create that lush pinterest hair . Adding depth to the top of your hair and then lightening the bottom and contouring the face really gives you that color melt feel. Imagine adding pieces of color melts extensions to add that pop. It really makes a difference. Celebrities def add extensions to there look to enhance there look. I love adding hair extensions because as we age we lose our hair or the thickness of it . I believe extensions make you look younger and give you that youthful look without a knife or down time. They come in all textures and lengths. I carry and work with all kinds of companies . Extensions were so life changing for me and i recommend them for anybody that wants to feel good and confident . Call or text us of your Extension consult.

Below is a client of mine that added extensions for body and lenght . We did NBR extensions to make this look.

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