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Hair by Zaklina will officially open on Monday ! I am so excited and beyond happy ! I’ve been out of the salon for 7 weeks now and I can’t wait to get back in . I am truly blessed that I do work alone and I can keep my clients safe by only doing one client at a time . I will book my self every 2 hours and make sure I can fit everyone in Please be patient and I will do the best we can to get you in . I will clean and disinfect after every client so make sure you stay in the car until I tell you , you can come in . Please wear a mask and all I ask is you wash your hands. We can keep it small and super private and i Am so happy I can offer a VIP experience without the stress . Make sure you book . I will be doing VIP hours for my older clients and those with compromised immune system !



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Ladies I am soo thrilled to share that i have my very own online store for you guys to buy products ! Yes salon products that I use and you guys love ! With just one click you can order and get all yo

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