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Hola !!! With everything going On so good to be back in the salon ! Just wanted to share this new extension method that is taking over the salon industry and the Web ! Yes you got it , Natural Beaded Rows (NBR extensions ) this new method allows you to have more freedom with your styles and low Maintance. This method is sewn in the beads that we apply and then add rows of wefts . We can add 2/3 rows , or double up on the wefts to give you a fuller look . This also allows us to give you the hair you always wanted . My favorite method other then Tape extensions are these NBR ! NBR are great for ladies with good hair , finer hair is harder and I would suggest tape . The maintenance is every 6/8 weeks you have move them up and trim them. The method takes about 2 hrs . We also can customize your hair to blend with the extension. If you are interested please call to make a consult . Or check out

our website

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