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Stories Behind The Chair

Welcome to my beauty Loft. At Hair By Zaklina you will experience a personable salon that caters to Color and HAIR EXTENSIONS. We love to update our techniques and use the latest products and know all the new styles for each year. We use top notch color such as Loreal Professional, INOA and extension companies such as Hairtalk usa, Platiunm Seamless, Socap, NbR extension russian hair. We love to do color and give clients a beautiful balayage or just a single color process. These techniques allow me to be creative and make women look and feel beautiful. I truly love what i do and i don't feel like i work a day in my life . Coming to our salon you get the experience of one on one and really get to know your stylist . Build a foundation to get you in the right direction with you hair and the style. I tell my new clients , its like a date , you gotta give me time to get to know you and you get to know me and most importantly , i get to know your hair and what you want each time you sit in my chair . Check us out on our website or just simply come by :)))



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