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So ladies I am sooo obsessed with Keratin bond extensions , also known as Fusion extensions . I have worn tape extensions for 10 years now and I am ready for a change. My clients all have been switching to keratin bond extensions . They are super flattering and more manageable . I enjoy that I can go 3/4 months with out the maintenance and it works really great with my busy life with kids and travel ball ! I just need a low maintenance and I think that’s just where the world 🌎 is going . More convenient... so I wanted to share this beauty we did about 100 bonds . We add individual pieces through out the head ! We also use Russian and urkanie hair and it’s pretty amazing it Comes in straight and wavy and curly . Our lengths are 16,18,20,24

Hope to one day make you feel and look beautiful with just a hair appointment 💇‍♀️


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