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Hey guys !!! I am so obsessed with this hair and extensions we did ! We used tape extensions to give her a seam less look ! We orderd a ombré to Carmel a dark shade .. 20 inches and Italian wave . Yes her natural hair has a wave so I always order hair extensions that match my clients natural hair . That way if you have curly hair and you have straight extensions .... it will look funny when you leave your hair natural . And one piece is wavy and the other is straight . It will

look fake ! Did i tell you guys how obsessed I am with the Keratin bond extension . I used about 100 pieces in my hair and omg it’s amazing. I love tape but I love the keratin bonds extensions . They feel so natural and I notice less shedding , easy to style , I can put them up any way I want to... I don’t have to work about them flipping or seeing them . I also dont have to move them up every 8 weeks . They last about 4/5 months , take them out and order a new set ! I am OBESSED !!!!!!


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