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Hey gorgeous, so excited to come and share my new extension method. The ghosted Hair Extensions V light system. This Seamless system allows you to apply the extensions on the top of the head and hairline as an extension specialist and Stylist for over 15 years. I do not recommend this be a full application. I would add Ghosted Vlight Hair Extensions as a add-on service for the top of the head back of the head and the hairline area.

This method is intended to give you the fullness and long hair around the hair that you’ve been waiting for .

We use a special Bond adhesive that is Cured with a Vlight . The extensions last about 8 weeks and naturally dissolve like Eyelash Extensions so you will have to come in and Maintain the shedding and just add a refill … as you can see here I already applied the hair to the natural hair and the results are to die for !!! Do u have short broken hair on top ? Is your hair line receding??? All these questions have a answer …… Ghoster Hair Extensions Vlight System!

Make sure to follow me on all my social links !!! For videos tutorials and etc !!!! Stylist I will share my Link 🔗 bc I got my Vlight Sytem on Amazon!!!

Stylist buy your Vlight Ghosted Extensions today !!! Always stay up to date and with the times !!! Your clients will thanks you !!! Any clinets interested in this method you know where to find me xoxoxox


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