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Hey gorgeous, so excited to come and share the V light Hair Extensions that I just got in the mail. I am so excited because I actually got to play with them. I put it in my client Hair. We did the whole front area. I’m going to post a video of me actually using it and I’m so impressed, she loves it so much that she booked an appointment for Thursday to come back and add more. So the lights are really great for Short Hair on top of the head. Hairline that is weak thinning or you just wanna add more hair to it the back of the crown head or the bottom of the nape. Lifestyle we all suffer from hair loss in someway and with the light Hair Extensions this allows you to fill in those areas without anybody seeing it. it’s probably one of the most impressive Hair Extensions that I do today in 2024. I am so excited to be part of this brand to be the only salon in West Palm Beach right now currently using this system like I said it last about eight weeks they are like eyelashes so you have to get them refilled every 4 to 6 weeks because they do tend to shed out just a bit but in the long run it’s so great for my girls that have super hair. Extensions, that you cannot see.. video that I will be sharing of me doing the VI Hair Extensions to my client. Please message me or comment me and let me know what you guys think of this new method !!!

The Vlight hair extensions are anywhere from $300-$500 including the hair


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I just read about these. Amazing!!




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