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Hey beautiful people!

Back at it again, thought this time on my blog I wanted to share a video of some of my work. I love anything with beauty. I believe that having the right look and not using so much chemicals, Zaklina wants her clients to add hair extensions and natural coloring to keep the natural hair in good condition. Adding hair gives you 10 years off your age. Extensions give you body and length . How do you think the celebrities do it? What sticks out the most on them? There hair right! We all want a specific look, or may like a specific look. But these days just adding a color change and extensions takes off years of your age. I believe so. In this video the ladies have all color changes, some have extensions, and some just rock a lob like no other. If you have virgin hair and want a change simple balayge or colored extensions will make such a change for you without the harsh products. Zaklina wants all her clients to leave with super soft and silky and most important healthy hair .

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until next time my beautys !!


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