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Olaplex what can I say ! This product line is amazing. Gives your hair a silky defrizz look. Its vegn , paraban free, and brings the hair back to life. I use there shampoo and conditioner , then do the 3 treatment while shaving:))))). After I am done I add the 6 leave in creme in the hair and it gives it a tamed look but hydrates my hair all day . Myself and my clients love it. When styling my hair I can tell that the Olapex is really working and repairing my hair . There products are worth every penny. Make sure your stylist is using olaplex in their bleach or color to protect your hair thru the process and eliminate damange.

I believe that if you color your hair or spend money on it , you got to use professional products to make your color last longer and repair your hair before your next color service . Styling products make such a differnce when you use them during your blowdry it helps the blow-dry come out smoother and last longer ! So if you haven't you got to try this stuff , Olaplex is the best product around.

Love ,


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