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Hello NBR extensions ! So the hottest thing to happen 2019/2020 was Nbr extensions or hand tied wefts as it hits the internet . This method is with beads and wefts . We attach beads to the your natural hair and then sew a weft into the beads ! This method is super versatile. You are able to put your hair up , half up half down ... no excess glue or tape and it’s super blended and natural . The only complaint I hear and I am very honest ..... is that it itches .... but some get used to it others dont. So I always tell my girls you have to find the right extensions and the right method that works for you ! For your life style , your personal needs . It’s not which one is the best but what method is better all the extensions are amazing and theres quiet a few to choose from . The question to ask your self is ”Which one is right for me ?” Make a consult today ......


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