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Hey Blondies !! Have your tried to be a blonde but your stylist just can’t get you blonde enough ? Its not easy to achieve a perfect blonde , but with the right stylist and building a relationship with your stylist makes a big difference. I tell all my new clients it’s a Date . You gotta at least give me 3 dates to give you exactly what you want . Mostly I can do it on our first date but sometimes it’s takes time . Most of my clients have been with me for 5 years or more !!! Like all of them . They have had the same stylist and there hair looks amazig ! Why ? You ask . Bc we’ve built a relationship where I as a stylist feel so comfortable and know that clients hair well that I can do anything . When you jump from stylist to stylist your just living a nightmare and your hair will never be what you want it to be . Be committed and your hair and stylist will love you ! ❤️Z

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