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LETS TALK!! Seam less tape extensions are my favorite type of extensions to do. I find that they are the most effective and safest way to add hair or body to your natural locks. WE use the best compaines out there such as hairtalk , hotheads, short to long seamless and remicachet. I am always working with all kinds of companies bc so many of my clients have different types of hair texture, and body waves . My lastest love has been working with russian hair. Girls are going more the natural route these days . Russian hair has such a nice body wave to really give you that effect. We also work with ladies that suffer from hair loss or women baldness . Today they make all kinds of pieces for ladies that need the hair that they deserve . I believe full long or mediunm length hair takes years off your age . You don't always have to stick your face with poision to look younger . Adding extensions or just color to your hair can take years off or just soften your look. Come check us out and book your next service with us for your first set of extensions.



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