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Hey 👋 Y’all ! Lets talk products .. Salon products vs Over the counter products . Ever wonder why your hair feels so amazing after leaving the salon ? Well it’s our products , our professional products are formulated to heal and repair your hair expecially when you color or highlight your hair. Professional products heal the hair give back what has been taken out ! So ladies please go to your shower room and get rid of all that cheap products . You might as well use dishwashing soap then that . Serious!! Your first step is to get rid of that and get to a salon and buy good products ! Trust me you won’t be disappointed ! The products below are from Loreal professionals Metal detox is used before a color or highlight treatment . This stuff is amazing ! Obsessed 😍


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Ladies I am soo thrilled to share that i have my very own online store for you guys to buy products ! Yes salon products that I use and you guys love ! With just one click you can order and get all yo

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