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Hey ladies !!! Lets talk Wefts !!!!!! The new 2021/2022 methods for hair salons! That’s what I love about our industry we are always evolving. Clients love that I am always up to date with all new techniques and styles . Wefts are awesome , quick , Last a while and you don’t have to deal with sticky glue or hair pulling . They are pretty amazing . The hair can last you Up to a Year too so great for the budget . Wefts are applied with a beading method , and then sewed into the hair . Must move them up every 8/10 weeks . Book your consult today ! ❤️Z

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Ladies I am soo thrilled to share that i have my very own online store for you guys to buy products ! Yes salon products that I use and you guys love ! With just one click you can order and get all yo

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