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Stories Behind The Chair

Are you tired of going to the nail salon? Are you tired of paying $100 a month to get your nails done ? 💅 well I wanted to come and share this amazing nail kit that I've been using for six months. They last me about three weeks and I have to redo them every 3 to 4 weeks. I will never look back !!! I do use great quality nail polish like OPI so that way it's easier to glide on the shine in it last just as long. I've noticed that nail salons. These days are not using good quality nail polish and my nail polish doesn't last or chip off or it breaks or it changes colors and it's just not worth $100 anymore when I can do it myself Check out this video that I am posting and I will also share my link so that you can run to Amazon now and get your self a nail kit at home !!! 💅 💅

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Stories Behind The Chair

Hey you guys !!! Happy Saturday... I just love the weekends ... it's like family time , kids sports and movies . We love watching Prime Amazon stream Movies <a target="_blank" I am sharing the link he




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