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V light Hair Extensions New Method

Hey 👋 y'all !!! I am so excited to share my new Hair extension system !!! This system is cured with a V light , last 8 weeks and it's super seamless ! You can see below Amazon had the kit and I just Bought it ! At my salon I love to keep up with all the latest tools and make sure all my clients is the lastest and newest methods .

The V light system is great for fine hair ..... it's bonded to your hair but flat .... I currently wear the keratin bond extensions so it has to be twisted into the natural hair where the V light is more the same concept but the bond is completely flat .

I posted my link for all stylist and I encourage you to stay up to date on all the latest techniques.

Please stay tuned I will have my kit in a week or so and I will do a video to show you how to use the V light .


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Stories Behind The Chair

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