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Stories Behind The Chair

Hey ladies, I hope you had a great Easter. So excited to come and show you some amazing mother day gift ideas we've been using the Dyson air wrap and the Dyson air straight a week practically all month and we are just so obsessed. My clients just love the devices because of how convenient it is for their hair below I will show you a picture of a gal that I did yesterday we use the air wrap to style and blow dry her hair and we are just loving it.

As much as we love the Dyson air wrap the Dyson blow dryers. The Dyson air straight is such a great blow dryer and flat iron in one. For you ladies at home the Dyson air straight is so awesome because it's a blow dryer a flat iron and a brush all in one. And it's like an electric car if you don't use it or touch it, it turns off on its own so you don't have to turn it off which is really awesome. It saves you a styling your hair

Make sure to follow me on my Instagram at Hair by Zaklina. You will see my Linktree in my bio which will connect you to my Amazon storefront into all my social avenues. I am a Amazon affiliate that earns commission. Until next time, my friends, love, peace and love, beautiful

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